Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The toxicity of cell phones

Hi to all my dearest adult children -

I just finished listening to an hour of experts discussing recent findings on cellphone use and brain cancer. Data is in showing certain things:

- children are much more vulnerable to the problem and should not hold a cellphone to their head, at all.

- there are few 10 year studies to look at, but those that exist show a clear, greatly increased risk of brain cancer from long term, (>10 yrs.) frequent cellphone use.

- holding the phone directly to the head/ear is very bad

- devices like bluetooth, headset, speakerphone greatly reduce the risk and should be used

- cordless phones, in the house, office, etc. give off as much, and in some cases more, bad electromagnetic energy than cellphones. (I will be getting rid of ours'.) Land line phones with cords are safest.

- people should not carry cellphones in their pockets, against their bodies. Men who carry theirs' in their pants pocket have consistently lower sperm count than those who do not carry them in their pocket.

As you can imagine, I am greatly concerned about this. I hope you all will make some changes related to these findings.

Love, Mom

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