Friday, May 28, 2010


A view of the old city (Jerusalem) from our hotel. It's been great. Lots of touring. Great food (middle eastern). Our guide was very informative, voo den ;-). Lots of different sects of Jews here, all with their own garb. Kind of like the sharks and the jets. The holocaust museum was difficult, just as it was intended to be...but such a very important institution to ensure that this never happens again.
The weather has been perfect. Not too hot, yet.
Tonight is Shabbat. Everything is closed already. Even the non-religious observe Shabbat. We went to a market place where there was soooooooo much tumult in getting ready for tonight's meal. It was a very festive atmosphere. We're going to the wailing wall to "say a little prayer for you.". It should be quite an experience.
That's it for now.
Kisses to all

MY BROTHER'S RESPONSE: What sect are you in?


  1. Ha, ha...(Middle Eastern)...Ha! This whole first email is classic - I can see why it prompted you to start this blog! Hilarious - is she going to be upset that you are posting these?

  2. "what sect are you in?" genius.